Interracial dating in kentucky local dating net

Interracial dating in kentucky

Another thing that happened was the emergence of the youth culture by the mid-1960s.Actually, the winter of 1963-64 was when that began to happen with the arrival of The Beatles in the United States and the phenomenal success they made on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and through record sales.Supreme Court decision in 1967 effectively made interracial marriage legal, and forbade discrimination on the grounds of disagreement and bigotry against such marriages.This is the year 2016, so you’d think this would be an issue that is in the dustbins of history at this point, right? Kentucky is taking us all back to the dark days of legalized segregation and racial discrimination, as their state legislature is currently advancing a bill that would legalize discrimination against interracial couples.According to Harville's father, Dean Harville, Stella brought Chikuni to the church in June where they performed a song for the congregation.Following the visit, former pastor Melvin Thompson told Harville that his daughter and her fiance could not sing at the church again.She is a lifelong lover of words, though her educational background is in computer science.She currently writes for 2 liberal websites, and keeps her own humor blog for lesbians.

While Pike County and the surrounding community come to grips with the church's decision, researchers at Ohio State University and Cornell University say black-white marriages in the United States are soaring, increasing threefold, from 3 percent in 1980 to 10.7 percent in 2008.

Instances of infidelity may not have increased so much, but specter of out-of-wedlock kids was reduced.

Remember, this was the era of “Mad Men,” and women were breaking out of their homebound routines to enter the job market.

In a move to "promote greater unity" among its body and the Pike County community it serves, a small Kentucky church voted to ban interracial couples from membership and from participating in certain worship activities, reports.

Though reminiscent of some Jim Crow-era mandate, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church actually made the decision earlier this month, following a visit from 24-year-old Stella Harville, daughter of the church's secretary and clerk, and her 29-year-old fiance, Ticha Chikuni, a native of Zimbabwe.

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